Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wing and a Prayer Medallion

My objective for this week was to complete the medallion for the Wing and a Prayer quilt.  I did finish it, just a few days later than planned.  I was going to whip this puppy out and post about it by midweek.  Well, I made it by Sat.  After reading P's post "Where Does the Time Go?" I at least know that I'm not the only one who is challenged when appropriately scheduling plans with reality.

The work on the medallion was done in three separate sections.  The first section was an eight point star requiring multiples of sewing in the Y.  I always approach this with trepidation as I've had problems in the past getting the Ys in so that they lay smooth.  However, I was able to do them all with little problem.  I was really feeling full of myself.

This picture, however, was the third try.  If you look carefully, you will see that the gold sections have traces of a bright green.  The first time I made it, many of these sections had large areas of this shade.  I began to realize that that shade of green would clash with the more subdued gray/green in the rest of the fabrics so I decided to rip out the 4 sections that had a predominance of that bright green, fussy cut new ones, and stitch them back in.  All went well, colors much better, but then the darn thing wouldn't lay flat.  So (third time's a charm), I ripped it apart again, did a little resizing of the pieces and the final result was a 13 1/4" block.

The second section was the red half stars also requiring Y seams. Again all went as planned. Now my medallion had grown to 18 1/2"

The third section was a border requiring diagonally cut rectangles and sewing the triangles from 2 fabrics so that half go one way and the other half go the opposite.  I worried that I'd miss cut or sew, but took my time and they, too, went together as planned. Only one problem arose when trying to attach the border to the block.  Some of the points were a little off and on first try I cut the points off.  Oh, yes, "The ripper is my friend."  But finally the medallion was complete.  It measures 24 1/2"

This will be the center of the quilt and the previous blocks that I've blogged about will go around it.  Onward I go.  Maybe this week I can improve my scheduling.


  1. That is going to be one beautiful quilt!!!

  2. Y seams, yikes! Nice job though. That medallion block is really cool.