Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fying Geese Border

My "stitchin" this week was to get all the borders around the Wing and a Prayer quilt.  What did I accomplish?  Got one on.  I seem to have this problem of planning more than I can accomplish or is it that my regular life seems to take more precedent than my quilting?

Sunday my dear cousin, my daughter, and I went to the Women's Fair here in Wichita.  We got smart and parked for free at the nearby stadium, riding the free party bus to the fair.  Loud 70's music played and strings of lights decorated the bus.  One woman, who had to stand in the aisle and hang on to the overhead bars, commented, "Hey, we ought to dance.  We've got the poles."  Gave me a giggle.  The fair itself basically was a big sales event for clothing, jewelry, make-up, etc.  But I did find a good black leather purse to replace the one that was stolen last week.

My daughter started a new job this week at a relatively new career college.  She gets to wear scrubs to work.  Now how cool is that.  She works from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm three days a week.  She discovered that she really needed another lab coat so I spent yesterday running around to the local uniform shops, finally finding just that perfect one.

Okay, excuses done.  Here are some pictures of the border I was bragging about earlier.

The border is made with 2 rows of flying geese.  I started out making all 48 geese for the tan/brown border.  Man, was that boring.  So I made just 12 of the green/brown geese, put the geese together to make one of the borders.  Much more interesting.

I really was pleased how the two rows made the zigzag pattern.

As I was pinning the border to the quilt, my chief QI, Cinnamon, came to do her job.

She takes her job very seriously, pulling up each section for carefully scrutiny.

Her job is done.  You can tell what an exhausting job it was.

Finally after the great job Cinnamon did, and my persevering to get the border pinned and stitched, one border is complete.

I really want to thank Cinnamon for all her help (even helping me type this).  She turned a rather boring blog into something a little more interesting.


  1. How lucky you were to actually get pictures of your QI in action. So often by the time you get the camera, they declare the job finished.

  2. I really like that zigzag border. It's fun to see how the flying geese come together to make it.

    Your QI wanted to get a closeup view of that "cinnamon" colored border, I think. ;) I love her nose stripe.